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Wooden Blinds Manjung | Waly Advertising | Perak

WALY ADVERTISING Outdoor Wooden Blinds (Bidai Kayu,木帘):

  • Provides privacy

  • Advertising Medium (Sign)

  • Residential & Commercial use

  • Provide shades to cool down interior

  • Rain Water & heat resistant

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

  • Flexible Rol-up System and easy install orientated

  • Good ventilation and circulation of fresh air & ideal to use for sun shade - you can still look out through windows while being shaded from the sun.

  • For upholstery or decorations

  • For "Feng Shui" (Geomantic Omen) philosophy"

  • Only required minimum maintenance

  • Can be installed on ceiling, inside or overlap window frame, lintel or wall according to customer's references

  • Can be use on balcony, pergoals, gazebos, living room, patio, etc.

  • Very Durable

At WALY ADVERTISING, all Wooden Blinds are finished in your choice of colours and it can be treated with varnish to maintain the natural look. #Advertising #Manjung #Sitiawan #Sign #Signboard #wooden #blind #木帘 #竹帘

Waly Advertising:
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