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Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl Lettering is the most common type of outdoor as well as indoor advertisement, which can also serve as a decoration. Vinyl Letters and numbers are durable enough to maintain all types of weather conditions. The printings on these Stickers will not fade over time and will maintain their primary look for a long time. You can apply these Stickers to almost any smooth surfaces like glass doors and windows, cars and walls, etc.

Vinyl Letters have wide use for branding the storefront of shops and cafes. Letter Stickers are used to display working hours and any other information on windows and doors.

With Vinyl Lettering, you can display the name of your company on your car and use it as a mobile advertisement. Wall Vinyl Lettering can serve as a good interior decoration. Write your favorite quotes on your home or office walls with adhesive letters to create a motivated workspace.


  • Highly adhesive Vinyl, retains its adhesive power for a long time

  • Variety of letter styles, to fit all tastes and requirements

  • Easy to apply and remove, effortless application without staining the surface

  • For both indoor and outdoor use

  • Attractive

  • Durable, to resist humidity and even scorching sun

  • Pre-spaced for hassle-free installation

What surfaces can I apply Vinyl Lettering to?

Vinyl sticks to non-course – smooth and clean surfaces. Vinyl letterings can be applied to car windows, sides, hood, front or back bumpers and even on the windshield and tailgate! Also:

  • Office and home walls, doors

  • Storefront Windows

  • Vehicle windows, car mirrors

  • Custom signs

Any other clean and smooth surfaces.

Buying Options

Vinyl Letters - You can order Vinyl Letters in various styles and sizes. These are perfect for displaying any sort of information, be it for business or decorative purposes. Vinyl Letters are often used for writing motivational quotes on walls as a decoration.

Vinyl Numbers - These figures are a great solution for promoting numeric messages. Vinyl Numbers come in a variety of style and size options too. Letter stickers are great for writing working hours on the storefront, for displaying company number on the vehicle and for many other uses.

Trust the production of your Vinyl Lettering to Waly Advertising in Sitiawan Manjung Perak Malaysia and you will get the best quality Stickers with your custom design.

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