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Signboard Orders Steps at Waly Advertising, Perak.

Waly Advertising: First-time Oder Guideline: Steps 1: Identify the type of the signboard you wish to order. If you do not have any idea on what type of signboard you wanted to do, contact at our customer service for a better idea. Our customer service will assist you. Step 2: Preparation of quotation. Send us the details such as , Signboard type, Installation building image, Draft / Artwork design ideas, Location for us to give you the quotation.

Step 3: Signboard design. Once agreed with the quotation given, we will start to do signboard design. If you do not have one, our designer u will do that for you. Step 4: Deposit payment The payment method should be available in the quotation given. Step 5: Approval for the design from local authority Get approval for signboard license with the design given. Let us know if you prefer us to do the signboard licensing. Step 6: Fabrication Fabrication will start once the design has been approved by DBP Malaysia and local authority / council (such as MPM, MPT, DBKL......). Step 7: Installation Installation will proceed within 5-14 working days after design and deposit are confirmed. Step 8: Balance Once the installation completed, the balance to be paid. Done ! That's it, you are ready to start your business. Good Luck!

Waly Advertising:
Signboard Manjung Supplier

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