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Magnetic Sign in Manjung, Perak | Waly Advertising

Magnetic Signs

Custom magnets have both individual and corporate areas of application and are a great cost-effective way to show off your company, sports team, or even a wedding. Personal usages include magnets of favorite sports club logos, own car sale announcement, etc. Waly Advertising suggests high-quality Magnet printing services with UV inks or magnetic signs made with self adhesives. Magnets make perfect:

Calendars - Calendars with your company name and logo, or personal photo will always be within eyesight.

Photo magnets - Favorite photos as a souvenir will be a great gift or kitchen decor. These photo Magnets can be attached to any metallic surfaces.

Advertising car magnets - One of the best removable advertising tools. Promote your brand while driving around and attracting the attention of drivers and pedestrians. Turn your car into a portable billboard and effectively increase business traffic.

Fridge magnets - Either it’s a business magnet or something personal, the fridge will be the best place to keep them. Keep your warm memories on the fridge with your personal photos printed on Magnets.

Magnets are so popular because they

  • Don’t harm surfaces

  • Keep adhesive force for a long time

  • Unlike paper media, are more durable


  • Easy to apply and remove

  • Printed with UV inks

  • Durable

  • Sun resistant

  • Applicable to all metallic surfaces


The material is a powerful magnet, which comes in rolls, so you can order Magnet Signs in custom sizes. The natural color of the magnet is white, but we can print Magnet Signs in any possible color. The material can stick to almost any metallic surface and retain its adhesiveness for a long period.

Installation Of Magnetic Signs

The application of a Magnet Sign is pretty simple and you may think that you don’t need any instructions, but you will definitely find some important points you didn’t know about. Magnet Sign can be installed on cars, refrigerators and any other metallic surfaces.

Step 1: Use a soapy water to clean the surface where the Magnet is going to be applied.

Step 2: Make sure that the surface is dust-free, dry and flat. Dust existence will decrease the adhesiveness of the magnet over time. Also, if the surface is not flat it can create air pockets under it that can cause your Magnet Sign to be blown away while driving on the car, or it may lose its adhesiveness and fall from any other surface.

Step 3: Now that your surface is ready you can apply your Magnetic Sign to the clean application area.


Some important notes to keep your Magnet Sign in perfect shape and use it as long as possible.

Regularly clean the Magnetic Signs with warm water and soft cloth.

Remove the Magnetic Sign before going through a car wash.

Store your Magnet Sign in a cool and dry place.

Do not fold the Magnet Sign, otherwise the wrinkle lines are impossible to restore.

We also do not recommend rolling the magnet, as again it can damage both the material and the graphics.

Order your custom magnet sign & advertising Manjung at Waly Advertising Sitiawan, Manjung, Perak, Malaysia now.

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