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10 Factors Determine The Price of Signboard

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

There are many factors that determine the price of a sign or visual graphic. Here are few:

1. What are you trying to accomplish with your sign?

2. Determining the right type(s) of signs for you is step one.

3. Do you have artwork or do we need to create it?

4. How complicated is the sign design?

5. How complicated is during the fabrication of sign?

6. Does the sign require a permit, and if so, will you acquire it or will we?

7. How long does the sign need to last? A temporary sign could be made with vinyl or plastic, however a permanent sign would likely be made of acrylic, metal or wood, which are more expensive materials.

8. Sizing of the signage.

9. Installation location and method.

10. Quality of material used. (Extreme budget, Economic, Standard, or Extreme High Quality?)

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