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Lightbox Signboard

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What is Lightbox / Light Box Signboard
Lightbox has been in the business for decades while in the Malaysian market. The light box is a type of box shape of structure usually build with aluminium structure with mild steel supported structure. LED tubes will be placed inside the box. The printed artwork material will be slotted in the lightbox and the Signboard Design will be illuminated with the light when it turns on in night. 


Why LED Tubes
The lightbox is quite thick as the light need to have a certain distance to evenly distributed to the front face of the printing material. In the past or even now fluorescent light being used to illuminate the light which requires more electrical energy. We at WALY Advertising using LED tube which is brighter and energy saving which you can save some electric bill. Some others still using fluorescent as it cheaper compared to LED. We provide LED tube and not fluorescent keeping the price the same as the fluorescent. We believe LED is more reliable in the long run, which gains the customer's trust in terms of a good quality product at a reasonable price. 


How It Helps Target Your Customer 
Lightbox commonly used to be viewed at night, unlike normal standard signboards, without light it can’t be seen at night. If your business needed to be viewed at night for the customers to see your shop, then this will be one of your choices. 


Where It Should Be Placed?
The most common place to set up your light is at the shop front and the pillar. A single-sided light box will be placed at shopfront to attract the customer from the front. Double-sided lightbox which will be placed on the pillar so it can cover both sides of the building and cover the passerby who walks to find your shop. 


What Size To Choose?
The size depends on the building structure and customers request. The usual size of the light box will be 4 feet tall and 20 feet width following the building build-up. Customers may also request for bigger light box such as increasing the height or width based on their requirements, eligibility. It’s important to consult with your neighbour as it might disturb the premise after the installation. 


Maintenance Of Light Box
The benefit of light box signage is the capacity to change the printed illustrations, so you can your plan without supplanting it. Simple support and adjustable. It very well may be lit for a long term and typically associated with a timer to lit for a certain time.  

Lightbox Signboard Manjung.jpg
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Waly Advertising , as a signboard manufacturer, maker and supplier in Manjung has more than 33 years of experience in Advertising & Signage industry,  we produce high quality lightbox signboard.

Contact us if you do like to have one!

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