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JKR Signage Manjung,Perak.


Traffic signs are important to give information to road users. Traffic signs can be categorized into several categories which are:-


Type of Traffic Signs in Malaysia
Regulatory Signs – Give Notice of traffic laws and Regulation
Warning Signs – Attention to condition on the road that is potentially  dangerous to traffic operation.
Guide Signs – Shows destination, direction, distance, places and etc
These are the signboard that you will be seeing everyday while you driving which makes a safer world with less accident and smooth traffic. All the traffic signs should adhere to the standards implemented by JKR (Jabatan Kerja Raya). It’s very important to follow the standard as it was defined based on certain criteria such as the size of the letters, font type, colours, shape of the board, size of the board material to be used and installation method.

General Principles of Traffic Signs
The signs must be constructed for the foreseen traffic condition and speeds on the roads on which they are to be used.
The signs should be distinct so that they will captivate the attention of drivers at a certain distance and should be easily noticeable as traffic signs at that distance.
The signs should consist of essential information and their significance should be clear at a glance so that the driver's focus is not distracted from the task of driving.
The signs should be noticeable from sufficiently far away to be read without diverting the sight through too great an angle.
The signs should be installed in such that they are obscured as little as possible by vehicles and other objects.
The signs should be visible both by night and day. The important factors in meeting these requirements are colour, shape and size of the sign, lettering and symbol sizes used, the layout of its face, its position and illumination or reflectorization.

2.1 JKR Sign Colours
Colour plays a major role in distinguishing between the existence of one traffic sign and another such that road users may not only understand the traffic sign as such but may also interpret a general understanding of the details before reaching the point where the message on the sign is readable.

2.2 JKR Sign Letterings
The lettering styles used are normal letters and narrow letters. It's classified as LLM Lettering. LLM Lettering is a set of san-serifs typefaces produced by the Malaysian Highway Authority (Lembaga Lebuhraya Malaysia, LLM) for road signage.

2.3 JKR Sign Symbols
The two types of symbols that are used on traffic signs are symbols of direction and information. Directional symbols are those which indicate directions, while information symbols are the ones which provide information without using word messages.

2.4 JKR Sign Materials
-JKR Sign plates
Sign plates shall be made of aluminium composite material. 

-JKR Sign Reflective Sheeting
Retroreflective sheeting is a substance composed of one or more retroreflective elements embedded inside a smooth, flat outer surface of a transparent film. High-Intensity Prismatic and Large Angle Prismatic sheeting are two types of retroreflective sheeting that were created and established for use on traffic signs. Both these sheetings are available in sheets and rolls using pressure-sensitive adhesive.

The reflective tape acts as a mirror, so it sends the light back out in different directions.

retroreflective material is made with tens of thousands of tiny glass beads that reflect light and send a focused image directly back to the original light source.

JKR Sign in Sitiawan, Manjung, Perak.
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