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Indoor Signage

indoor signage manjung
Manjung Signboard Indoor

Looking or thinking type of signages for indoors?
Wondering what should be placed for the reception area?
Or do you think it's needed for reception area?

This type of common question came across when deciding to install the indoor signage.


Indoor signage mostly was done by acrylic material. It's a type of material which look shiny like glass but it's a plastic made of the material. Acrylic can be placed in the reception area, entrance, door labelling, direction guidance and many more.


Acrylic can be customized in many ways according to customer taste. The most common acrylic ordered by the customer is an acrylic panel with chrome screws at the side. The Sticker will be pasted at the back of acrylic in reverse order so that it looks classy as it has the shiny effect.


There are many ways of doing indoor signage. Contact us if you want to customize yours. At Waly Advertising Sitiawan Manjung, we will do our best great signage for you.

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