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Billboard & Hoarding

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shopping mall hoarding manjung

Hoarding signs are actually very prevalent. They exist in the walkways that our customers commute in and in a lot of backgrounds that we come across. The only problem is that a lot of consumers take this for granted. In other words, hoarding signs are like backdrops and if used effectively can be very powerful advertising media. So, what are hoarding signs exactly?

As the name implies, they are panels that are used to hoard something or block out something. They come in different materials and can be wooden boards or firm, sturdy steel frames or even stand-alone panels. One will notice them, especially in construction projects where the board are used to cover what is going on inside.

Huge and effective potential
Hoarding signs works very well as an outdoor advertising media because of a few factors.

Curiosity – Construction companies use hoarding signs to advertise the current project being built. Passer-bys will always be curious to find out what is going on and the board is perfect to communicate that.

Traffic – In particular, hoarding signs are ideal for pedestrians as they are at walking eye-level.

Non-intrusive – Advertisers will favour the use of hoarding signs because they are absolutely non-disruptive unlike many other types of outdoor media.

Insights on Hoarding Signs
The main objective of hoarding signs is to create some to fence around a space. There are also instances media owners build the hoarding sign around a walkway. In most cases, hoarding signs installed around a construction site are for safety purposes as they are under regulations to do so. Owners will then exploit that situation by replacing the plain boards with advertisements.

Profile of target audience
The biggest target audience you would get from hoarding signs would be people on foot and on small vehicles like bicycles and motorcycles. When there is high footfall, the hoarding signs would be perfect. In fact, the advertisements can have additional information like contact and other details.

Large size billboards
You can perceive the hoarding board as a large billboard and is a lot cheaper and cost-effective. The flipside to this is that the board might be for a specific term which then makes them an ideal platform for promotions or short-term events.

Informative media

One good suggestion to use hoarding signs is to provide directional information that works very well for brands and retail shops. Shopping malls usually put such information to their locations on hoarding signs because they want to direct customers to head to their malls.


Putting it all together
Hoarding signs, like all the other forms of outdoor media, has its benefits as one of the very effective advertising options. It does not need to be loud or colorful but injecting a little creativity, could attract a lot of eyeballs from the intended target audience.

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