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3D Signage / Signboard

signboard manjung
3d signboard
3d sign manjung
3d signboard manjung

3D Signage
There are many ways to label this product such as 3D signage, Channel Lettering, Box Up Lettering, Emboss Letter. They are the same. As these names tell us that these signages are not flat but fabricated in a three dimensional (3D) view. 


Advantage of 3D Signage
These are the most favourite products being ordered by clients as this has many benefits and it is eye appealing for the customers. It also looks elegant for the brand of the company instead of using conventional signboard. Many customers are also transforming to 3D signage from conventional and their outcome was awesome. 


As the lighting only coming from the letters it has great visibility as this stands with its floating lighting effect which has sharp effect which can be seen clearly from far

It is also very outdoor durable and have ultra-long life expectancy (up to 8-10 years+).


Cost of 3D Signage
3D signage is expensive compared to conventional signboard such as Standard Signboard or Lightbox due to its material usage and more manpower. These signages are made from different kind of materials and it is based purely on customers taste of choice. 


Material Used
The Front part will be placed with light pass material such as acrylic or poly to trespass the light. We use LED modules as it generates less electricity as the watts are less. And yes, it comes with the transformer to supply less current as it only requires less current when connected to the electricity. 


Installation Method
It can be placed directly on the building facade, or with a horizontal bar as a support for 3D sign. This also can be placed with a base signboard if the building is uneven. 


If you have more budget, you can consider this to have your shop or brand with remarkable impact.  Bet you will like it!

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3d signange manjung.jpg
3d signboard manjung.jpg

At Waly Advertising Sitiawan Manjung, we fabricate all type of 3D Sign. Contact Us to order yours.

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